About us

M/s. Sanyog Padelkar Consultants is a registered partnership firm established as a financial and technical consultancy organisation with head office at Goa, and a branch office at Thane, Maharashtra.

M/s. Sanyog Padelkar Consultants has gained proficiency in providing corporate solutions in Debt Syndication, Corporate Advisory, Business Valuation, TEV & LIE Study, Corporate Training, Market Research, Wealth Management, Accounting, and Taxation. M/s. Sanyog Padelkar Consultants provides to its client’s customised solutions including project conceptualisation, execution, completion, and commissioning.

We offer comprehensive business services (financial and technical), which enables you to make an informed business decision and achieve sustainable profitable sales growth.


  • To build profitable and sustainable business organizations, provide secure global careers, personal growth and have a long-lasting professional relationship.
  • Our Philosophy is into doing small things innovatively and effectively that makes a big difference to our clients.
  • To be one of the leading management consultants.


  • Maximize clients ‘Return on Investment’ by ensuring maximum return on their project investments through a commitment to innovative business process management, service excellence, dedication, determination, discipline, deadlines and efficient use of time, material and human resources.